We are always looking for volunteers!

Email orlandorenaissancefestival@gmail.com

Where can I volunteer?

  • Staff:

    Staff roles support the festival in its planning stages throughout the year. They assist our Area Coordinators in preparing for the festival.

  • Grounds:

    A fun and safe festival starts with the Grounds Crew. Assist this crew in various tasks, from traffic control to site maintenance. This position is often in the sun and often walking.

  • Ticket Sales:

    Support the festival by selling tickets! Volunteers for this position must be over 18. This position is seated in shade.

  • Greeting Guests:

    Welcome our friends and community to the festival, hand out programs, and take tickets. This position is in sun or shade, and often standing.

  • Merchandise:

    Help the vendors staff booths, or take a shift in the festival gift shop. This position is often in shade, often standing. Money handling skills a plus.

  • Runner:

    Keep the flow of information and supplies moving through the festival. This position is almost always walking. Preferably, volunteers comfortable lifting, pushing or pulling up to 50lbs.

How do I volunteer for a specific shift?

You can call or email us and request a specific day/shift.

What do I need to do to participate?

  1. Volunteers must be in costume and are expected to provide their own.

  2. Volunteers are expected to check in half an hour before their shift starts.

  3. Volunteers are expected to be courteous to the guests, staff and other volunteers.

  4. Volunteers are expected to not use phones, tablets, or modern technology during their shifts.

  5. Volunteers are expected to have fun!

Where do I go?

  • Parking:

    You will be park in the same lots as our guests and will be bused onto site.

  • Sign in:

    Meet a volunteer coordinator at the front entrance Volunteer Tent and sign in.

  • Shift location:

    Once at the Volunteer Tent, one of our coordinators will review your location with you and will walk you to it, if needed.

Other Considerations

Please be mindful that even if your position is not directly in the sun, that you will be exposed to the sun throughout the day. Please plan on wearing sunscreen and hydrating often!

The festival is located in a field, please use good judgment on footwear to keep yourself safe and protected.

Although the festival is in December, many pests don’t care. Consider bug spray before heading out.

If you require any medications such as a rescue inhaler, please keep them on you at all times while volunteering.

Remember that safety is paramount to the staff of the festival, we want everyone to have an excellent time!

Thank you so much for volunteering!

It is through the efforts of amazing volunteers like yourself that we can bring this festival to life. We appreciate each of you and hope you will join us every year to make this event possible for the families and communities in Orlando.

As a token of our thanks, volunteers will receive an Orlando Renaissance Festival t-shirt and a free day pass to the festival!

Want to be a volunteer?
Email orlandorenaissancefestival@gmail.com


Watch and enjoy three stages filled with exciting entertainment, then join us twice daily for our Chess Match, presented by Lance Orlando, where The War of the Roses may finally be decided.


Two food courts offer great festival eats.


Stroll through our town of merry merchants, selling fine hand crafted goods and unique wares. With the holidays not far behind the festival, find that perfect gift they won’t see in any store.