Cabin Boys
Fire and fun fill the stage!


Giacomo The Jester and Looney Lucy
See them on stage or wandering the lanes!


The Trash or Treasure Show
features Mad Maggie and Thurston as they tell scrambled fairy tales for children of all ages, even the really older ones. This 30min interactive comedy show is a children's variety act that involves the entire audience. It is the only interactive comedy show (that we know of) where all the children in the audience get to be brought up on stage as part of the show.
Rated G for awesome!


Living Chessboard
War of the Roses House York and House Lancaster engage in a thrilling battle of wits, and of steel. Who will prevail? Find out in our combat chess match provided by Lance Orlando. www.lanceorlando.com


The Loose Cannons sword fight comedy show

features two wacky Spanish Explorers; Don Roberto and Don Fernando as they set sail for comedy and adventure. "Love, exciting and new Come Aboard. We're expecting you." Come hear the tale of how they found the lost treasure of..... "el Camino". One is motivated by fame, to be immortalized in the history books, the other lusts for fortune. First you get the money, then the power, then the women. All the while they will battle each other with spectacular fights and comedy, what's in that chest? Find out!


Hips of Destruction

Come see the lovely ladies of Hips of Destruction perform several styles of belly dance to live music!


Entertainment is currently being booked for 2017.

Please email orlandorenaissancefestival@gmail.com.

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